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Barite Grinding Mill And Stone Crusher For Barite Processing

Barite Mill Process

China's total supply of barite in 2500 to 3000 tons, all from domestic production for. Domestic consumption of barite in 1300 was about 1,200 tons, of which oil and gas exploration for the 700 to 800 million tons, 60% of total consumption; for barium chemical products 400 to 500 million tons, accounting for about 30%; accounting for about 10%. China is the world's largest exporter of barite. 90's annual export volume of barite and its products is generally 150 to 200 tons. Barite and the barium salt in 1996 2.058 million tons exported, the export amount of 121 million, of which 1.86 million tons barite.

Barite powder fineness requirements typically require 325 mesh -1800 mesh, for the fineness range, SBM manufacturing barite production line including MTM Medium Speed Trapezium provide barite grinding mill , MTW European version of the Trapezium Mill, SCM and other variety of ultra-fine powder mill New milling machine equipment, the main model for grinding barite, barite ore can be from 25 cm below the ore processed through the pipeline 325mesh -2500mesh powder, ensure powder, powder sub-index to meet

Barite Crushing Plant

Barite can be used as building concrete aggregate, paving materials weighed swamp area buried pipeline, prolong the pavement life, in the infrastructure construction is widely used.

Barite crusher designed by SBM, Big size barite into crusher, after vibrating feeder in turn into jaw crusher, impact crusher, then will pass through the sieve vibrating screening, get different sizes of finished product barite to satisfy different materials demands.

Barite powder also has a wide range of applications, SBM Mining Equipment also provide Barite Mill Process Line.

For more details. Please contact a SBM mining service online for your barite crushing line inquiries!

Barite Application

Barite powder is white or gray crystalline powder, is an important mineral containing barium, chemically inert, good stability, acid, density, hardness, high specific gravity, high whiteness, can absorb the harmful rays (x-ray and -rays), etc., a glass gloss, non-magnetic and non-toxic. Thus, widely used in chemical, paint, rubber, glass, paper, medicine and other fields, according to the latest statistics, the size of the use of more than 2000 items.

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