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Free Enovels; A Good Marketing Option For New Authors

The novel that is converted into an ebook is called an ENovel. Enovels are becoming very popular now for more reasons than one. Some of the most important reasons are listed below.
The most important reason why an enovel is gaining popularity is the comparative cost. It is much more expensive to publish a book printed on paper than publishing in the digital format.
Another reason is the consumption of paper to print a book. Paper is made from wood and production of paper is cited as the most important reason for the deforestation of our planet. The evil effects of deforestation are well known and all attempts are being made to avoid deforestation and actively reforest the earth.
Publishing a book requires a finite minimum lot size to make the print run viable. There is no such restriction there is no need to print more than the single copy of an enovel and any number can be downloaded from it.
These are also the main reasons why it is easy to give away a free enovel. Free Enovels are not a financial burden on the owner of the rights of the enovel as copies can be made from the final version of the novel that is digitized by the author.
For a new author to give his new virtual book as free enovel is one of the best marketing strategies. He can gauge the quality of his work by the kind of people and the number of people who download his free enovel. If the book is not up to the mark, he would be still be saved losses that he would have incurred had he printed his book. And if the response is good and there are many downloads of his free enovel, he can offer his enovel at a much less price than he would his printed novel since his initial costs are almost negligible.
Free enovels give a taste of the writing skills of the author and if the writer writes as per the choice of the public taste, he can be a successful author. Free enovels also give the writer to be free from the clutches of demanding and overbearing publishers. He can be his own publisher and have the freedom to charge for his enovel or give it away as a free enovel to one or all of his readers. He can also the option of giving some free enovels and charge other enovels as he pleases.

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