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Worm Farming Profits

Vermiculture is the scientific word for worm farming.
Vermiculture utilizes red worms and kitchen waste to produce worm castings, or very rich fertilizer and compost.
Millions of tons of organic waste are dumped into landfills the world over.
The methane gas produced by this decomposing organic waste affects global warming.
Red worm farming can utilize some of this organic waste and produce rich compost in the process.
Vermiculture farming that can be done on any sized scale and almost anywhere.
If done properly it can even become a profitable business for you! The start up costs for this are negligible.
You can start with 1000 red worms, sold on the internet for around $33.
Use old dresser drawers or other type of sturdy box-like container, add bedding of shredded newspaper, drill holes in the bottom of the container and you are ready to go.
Feed the worms discarded kitchen waste, with the exception of meat, leftover oil and dairy waste.
Discarded vegetable waste, grains, coffee grounds, and crushed egg shells make the best food for worms.
As described above, the start up costs for red worm farming are negligible.
You can sell the bagged worm castings or compost on the internet for a profit.
You can also breed the red worms used in worm farming.
Red worms require special conditions to breed successfully.
But once these are in place the going rate for 1000 red worms on the internet today is about $33.
For the entrepreneur this is an ideal low labor and low cost business.

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