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How to Win My Wife Back - Use This Technique to Get Her Back

Are you desperately saying to yourself "I need to learn How To Win My Wife Back?" Then we will assume you are reading this because you think you have lost your wife, and if that is true then read on because I am going to show you the beginning of the single most important technique you can use to win a wife back.
This technique will only work if you have gone over the first three steps in the making up action plan.
In case you missed my other articles, these steps are having no communication with your wife for two to four weeks, working on improving yourself, and writing her that letter.
After finishing those steps you can proceed with this technique the will get her back.
What you need to do now that you have improved yourself is find a couple of women that you know your wife respects in some degree or fashion.
This means she respects them either for their looks, career, money, status, or whatever you know you wife values in other women.
You should set up a few casual luncheon dates with one or two of these women.
Take these ladies to a casual but sit down lunch place, just to have a nice quick lunch and so you can talk with them at length about themselves.
You goal here is to be seen out in public with these women and for word of mouth to get back to your wife that you have been seen with this good looking woman, or this woman that seems to have an awesome career.
If you wife hears about you with another woman and if this woman is respectable she will become jealous, but not in the jealous way where she tries to out do you.
You want her to become only jealous enough to become curious.
Curious in a way that makes her wonder what these "Respectable" women see in you.
If she believes that respectable women see something in you, she will wonder if she has overlooked something about you and think about whether she made the right decision to split from you.
Do not set up more than 4 because this will actually be counter productive to what you are trying to accomplish with your wife.
You do not want her to try and make you jealous by dating a bunch of other guys, because there is nothing but heart down that road for both of you.
Yes this may seem simple after you have read the article, but because most mean are in desperate winning wife back attitudes they forget sometimes about what obvious ways there are on "How To Win My Wife Back".
If followed correctly this technique will soon get her back to your arms and you will no longer be trying to win back a wife.

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