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Making money on the internet is something many people aspire
to do. It sounds like a great idea. Make money on the
internet. Work from home whenever you want and the money
will just roll in. A dream come true? For the vast majority
of us that's just not the reality of the situation.

If you've tried to start your own internet business you're
probably aware it's just not as easy as the "Guru's" are
telling us. Deciding to start an internet business is the
easy part. Then comes the research into all the different
types of opportunities that are available. Some are legit
but for one reason or another just don't feel like they fit
your needs. And, others are just plain rip offs. How many
schemes have you fallen for? If you've been at this for a
while the answer is probably several.

You can make money on the internet. But, it is definitely
not a get rich overnight endeavor. Making money on the
internet is hard work. In fact it's just as hard to make
money on the internet as it is to make money in a real
business. This may be the single most important factor that
determines your success or failure in your internet

How you view your internet business can have an enormous
impact on your financial future. Is it a business? Or, is it
a hobby? How you answer will determine your eventual success
or failure. If you are bent on being successful? If you
truly want to make money on the internet and live your life
your way then you must have a plan.

Decide what you want and then go after it. Say you want to
make $1,000 a month to start. Take that amount and break it
down into a weekly goal and then a daily goal. If your
monthly goal is $1,000 then you should average approximately
$33.33 on a daily basis. Of course this figure doesn't take
into consideration the cost of doing business. That is an
entirely different animal that we'll tackle in another
article. For now let's just keep things simple.

Really after it's all said and done there are only three
ways to make money on the internet. You can set up a passive
income business like an Adsense type of content site. Or you
can setup a site that sells stuff. Or you can merge the two
and set up a site that does both. Each has their own
strengths and weaknesses but for now we'll focus on a site
that sells stuff.

Ok, you've decided to start and active internet money making
site. You do a bunch of research on a topic that is destined
to make you a million bucks. You write an information packed
ebook with all your new found wisdom. You write the sales
page for your ebook. And don't forget to write the email
response series that will need to be sent to your prospects
when they come to your site and sign up for your informative
newsletter that you are going to publish to attract
attention to the ebook that you want them to buy.

Sounds like a lot of writing doesn't it? Sounds like a lot
of work really. Well, there is an easier way. You'll still
have to do some work to be successful but the hardest parts
of your new business will be done for you. And the best part
is that won't cost you a penny. Do you want to know what
I'm talking about? That will be the topic of the next
article but for now I'll give you this little hint. Its
initials are A.M.

Until next time,

Alan DuMaine

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