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Carb Rotation Diet Reviews

The Carb Rotation Diet is a popular diet program by Jayson Hunter, a noted nutritionist.
In this program, Jayson Hunter tries to teach you a way in which you can eat to lose weight without causing your metabolism to slow down as happens with so many other diets.
Carb Rotation is based on a simple principle: you need to cycle your carbs by changing how many carbs you eat from one day to the next.
This allows you to cut down on your calorie intake without causing metabolic slowdown.
This helps you not only to lose the excess weight you have on now but also helps you maintain your weight loss into the future for many years to come.
There is a 3 day eating cycle which you need to follow: 1.
On day 1, you eat very little carbs.
On day 2, you increase the amount of carbs you eat and maintain a medium level.
On day 3 you can eat a larger amount of carbs.
Of course, your carbs should be healthy ones.
Don't think that you can eat whatever you want.
However, you don't need to starve while on this program as you do get to eat a reasonable amount of food each and every day and enjoy a wide variety of possible dishes.
Carb rotation does require a commitment on your part.
And it's not some insanely fast weight loss program.
However, if you're ready to try out a new eating plan which doesn't starve you but offers a sensible approach to weight loss for men and women, than Jayson Hunter's Carb Rotation Diet is a good program for you to try.
 It may be the way for you to finally get rid of those excess pounds and get lean.

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