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How to Pay for a Family Law Lawyer

    • 1). Determine your preferred method of payment. A simple, routine procedure such as a will drafting or uncontested divorce will usually have a flat fee. Lengthy or complex legal needs will typically demand an hourly rate.

    • 2). Ask how long a process will usually take. An experienced attorney will be able to estimate the number of hours he will work on your case. Multiply his hourly fee by the estimated number of hours to arrive at a rough approximation of your overall legal cost.

    • 3). Anticipate additional expenses such as court filing fees, process serving costs and administrative expenses. These are usually added to a bill in addition to your lawyer's hourly fee.

    • 4). Pay a retainer. Retainers are accounts set up for your by your attorney from which she will withdraw her fee. This account will have to be replenished if your legal needs exceed the amount you put into your retainer, but any remaining funds will be returned to you when your case is over.

    • 5). Ask about payment plans. If you cannot afford the full cost of your lawyer's services, request a payment plan that allows you to pay over time.

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