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Types of Sliding Windows for a House


    • The side or sides of the window that open determine what type of sliding window you need to order. Stand outside of your house. If you want the window to open on the left as you face the house, you need an XO window. To order a window that opens on the right as you face the house, order an OX window. Windows that open on both ends are XX windows. Windows that have three sashes with a fixed pane in the middle are XOX windows. It's also possible to find windows that open on the left with a fixed pane above the sliding portion of the window. These are XOU windows.

    Single Slider Windows

    • Windows made in the XO or OX form cost less money than other types of slider windows. These windows have very few moving parts. Because of their simple form, they cost less. Single slider windows are available in many sizes to fit almost any size opening. The size of the opening limits the amount of air the window allows into the room, which may be a disadvantage with this type of window.

    Double Slider Windows

    • Double slider windows or XX windows allow more variations in air flow into the house because they open on both ends. These windows work well in kitchen areas where it's a bit harder to reach the window to raise or lower it. The many sizes of double slider windows make them a good option for bedrooms. In most municipalities, double slider windows also meet bedroom egress requirements.


    • Each type of sliding window has options that you may add. Screens are important add-ons if you live in a part of the country where flying insects are a problem. Lo-E glass reduces the amount of energy loss from the window and protects your interior from ultraviolet rays. Tempered glass is less likely to break and is a good choice for homes with children. You can also order sliding windows with grids in them to give the appearance of smaller panes. Frames are available to fit a number of interior styles, and exterior materials are often no- or low-maintenance.

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