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Virginia Deer Hunting Rut


    • During the early rut, deer mark their territory by making scrapes and rubbing trees. Looking for these signs can help the hunter determine the best place for his tree stand. Placing the tree stand in close proximity to territory markings may help the hunter to bag his prey.


    • Setting up downwind of scrapes and tree rubbings is a good tactic. Bucks approach the area they are scraping from downwind and could catch the hunter's scent if he is too close to the area. Setting up 40 yards from the scrape should put a hunter in a good position, even if he is bow hunting.


    • Looking for does in the hunting area during the rut may pay off. During the rut, bucks are following does---and locating does may lead the hunter to a big buck. Does use the same travel routes, bedding areas and feeding areas, so setting a tree stand near these areas may lead to a kill.

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