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How to Drive Responsibly

    • 1). Refrain from using your mobile phone. Even when using a hands-free kit, a mobile phone can be a distraction, and you most certainly should not talk or text while driving.

    • 2). Do not drink and drive. A responsible driver would not drive when over the legal limit for driving, which is 0.08% alcohol concentration in your bloodstream, according to the Drug-Aware website.

    • 3). Always wear a seat belt in the car, and ensure your passengers do too. A seat belt could save your life in a crash, and a passenger without a seat belt in the seat directly behind you could kill you, and him or herself, if he or she isn't wearing a seat belt.

    • 4). Consider your conditions. In the rain, you should look to leave around four car lengths between the car in front of you and your car, and in the snow, it should be 10 car lengths. It becomes more important to be responsible in difficult driving conditions.

    • 5). Try to be as courteous as possible when driving. A major part of being responsible is making life easier for other drivers on the road.

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