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Two Very Effective Techniques for Trout Fishing From a Float Tube

When you hear the term "float tube" what is the first type of fishing that comes to mind? Trout fishing, right? Although fishermen who fish for other species of fish will employ a float tube, the vast majority of float tube fishermen are fishing for trout.
Trout fishing and float tubes go hand in hand and in this article I will discuss two very effective techniques for trout fishing from the comfort of a "belly boat".
Fishing from a float tube, if you have never experienced it, can be difficult to get used to at first but is an excellent and relaxing way to fish for trout in a small to medium sized lake.
Many trout fishermen consider trout fishing from a tube to be the best way that there is to fish a small to medium sized lake silently and thoroughly, and it would be hard to argue with the sentiment.
Float tubes certainly provide the fishermen with an excellent vantage point from which to fish from.
The first technique that I want to discuss is the less popular of the two techniques but is nonetheless a very effective way to go trout fishing from one of these personal boats.
This technique involves casting small spinners and spoons.
Small spinners and spoons such as Rooster Tails and/or Phoebes are and excellent way to experience success while trout fishing from a float tube.
Lures in the 3/8 ounce and smaller range are in order when casting spinners and spoons from a float tube.
Keep your lures small small and you will be in good shape when it comes to this simple technique.
The next technique is the technique that you think of when you think of the phrase "fishing from a float tube" and that technique is fly fishing.
Fly fishing may be the perfect technique for trout fishing from a belly boat and is easily the most popular technique for fishing from one of these personal boats.
Traditional fly fishermen were the first people to think of using a float tube for fishing and the technique has been used successfully ever since.
We all know that trout love to eat insects and fishing with artificial flies is the best way to mimic live insects and catch trout while sitting in a tube on the water.
The bottom line is whether you are fly fishing in the traditional sense or your are using spinning gear and fly fishing with a casting bubble, fly fishing is easily one of the best techniques for catching trout from a float tube.
These two techniques, casting small spinners and spoons, and fishing with artificial flies, are two of the best techniques to use for trout fishing from a the comfort of a float tube.

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