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How to Correct Tongue Tiedness

    • 1). Wait to see what happens as the baby ages; this method is becoming the preferred approach to treating tongue tie among doctors. Often, the frenulum will loosen and stretch as your child gets bigger. Difficulties experienced as an infant will cease to exist as the frenulum normalizes. Be sure to manage feeding problems in infancy with your paediatrician or lactation specialist's help.

    • 2). Allow a doctor to perform a frenulotomy; That is, allow a doctor to cut the tissue with surgical scissors to free the tongue's movement. If your child is no more than 12 weeks old, this procedure may be performed without anaesthetic.

    • 3). Perform the frenulotomy under anaesthesia, if your child is more than 12 weeks old. Stitches will be needed to close the wound, and aftercare instructions for elective surgeries apply.

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