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Baby Games for Girls to Play

    Dressing Up Baby

    • Online games that allow girls to dress up a baby will not only entertain the little girl but teach her to play with color and style from a young age. She can play at dressing up boy babies and girl babies online. The online game comes with a choice of clothes and accessories and the little girl will enjoy dressing her baby up in many different ways.

    Baby Room Decoration

    • This popular online game teaches a little girl to arrange the furniture and decorate the room of the baby. Several choices of wall color, dolls, paintings and other accessories, flowers in the room fittings and flooring patterns help the little girl add different features and give the baby a room of her choice. Some online games allow adults to take a printout of the final room for all to admire.


    • Little girls will enjoy playing at helping a babysitter keep a baby entertained. The popular online babysitter game for little girls is helping the television character Dora the babysitter keep a baby or twins entertained. The little girl will provide toys indoors and outdoors for the baby or babies to keep them entertained.

    Baby Hospital

    • Little girls love playing nurse games. Girls are entertained and challenged by the baby hospital online game. The girl will need to take care of several crying babies in a hospital at the same time. Some games require that the girl collect babies and put them to bed within a time frame. Baby nurse games develop the alertness and speed skills of a little girl.

    Bathe the Baby

    • This game provides a range of cosmetics and soap to help the girl bathe a baby in a tub. The game teaches the girl the uses of different toilet and cosmetic products while bathing the baby.

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