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TI 84 Plus Tutorial



Use the lower center keys in white for arithmetic functions. Use the lower right gray keys for basic operations. The lower left black keys are for basic functions. The top row of gray keys is for display. The following three rows are special function keys. Use the row in the exact middle of the calculator for trigonometric functions.

Use up to three functions for each key. Press the key once to perform the task described on the face of the key. Press the "2nd" key and the desired key to perform the action labeled on the upper left of the key. Press the "Alpha" key and then the desired key to perform the function described on the upper right of the key.

Press the "On" key to turn on the calculator. The key is located in the lower left portion of the calculator. Turn the calculator off by pressing the "2nd" key, then the "On" key.

Use the "^" key to tell the calculator to raise the prior number to a power that follows the symbol. Use the key to calculate basic functions such as "log 12" or "e^2.5."

Press the "Y=" key to open the graphing window. Enter a graphic equation after Y1, Y2 and the remaining axes, to graph multiple equations. Press the "Zoom" key to display the graph. You can clear functions by using the "Clear" key. Move to different functions by using the arrow keys. Use the "Trace" key to find the coordinates of a particular point on a graph. Press the "Mode" key to switch to Polar, Parametric or Sequential functions by selecting "Pol," "Par" or "Seq," respectively.

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