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How to Do Link Building With Dofollow Blog Commenting

You can get many lists and even directories online that chronicle blogs with dofollow commenting.
There are some blog owners that activate the nofollow attribute thereby making is impossible for their blog to follow and link posted in the comments.
But those that deactivate this nofollow are the dofollow blogs that would readily follow any link pasted on the pages, so they are good for link building.
With good anchor texts, it is imperative to repeat that the more backlinks you build to your site the more popular it is going to be in the 'eyes' of the search engines and the higher ranked it would be.
In commenting on dofollow blogs, you have try and comment more on those that are presently ranking higher in the search pages because they are the ones that will carry more value for your site.
You have to consider some of the factors below so that your link building efforts using dofollow blog commenting wouldn't be in vain.
You have to read the rules of the individual blogs first before commenting so that any of your comments wouldn't to tagged spam by the blog moderator.
You have to ensure that you follow the keywords trend in the blog.
This doesn't mean that you have to use the same keywords every other person is using but you have to note the way they are being used so that you will not be going above the rules.
You will also avoid being regarded as spam if you take time to comment on one blog at a time and repeat in another instead of using blogging software to comment on several blogs at the same time.
You also have to know that some blog owners track the IPs of commentators so you don't need to even comment with two or three different names within a short time because there are chances that you will be detected and be labeled spam.
This will be detrimental to your link building effort through blog commenting.
There are people who are top commentators in some blogs and their names are usually displayed.
Taking time to read what these people are talking about and the types of comments their post received is good so that you can tailor your posts appropriately in order to attract more comments.
This will help to increase the page ranking of your comments and thereby exposing your links to more targeted web sufferers.
Remember that your primary aim of commenting on certain blog is to get the one way back links your site needs for maximum search engine exposure and higher ranking.
So, there is need for you to comment only on blogs that are ranking higher than yours and be sure to use your keywords effectively in your posts and comments.
Do not just jump into any blog without determining the page rank of such blog.
Link building take consistency for it to be effective but you may also opt for the purchase of many valuable backlinks.
When you get this in bulk, it will really reduce the amount of work you have to in order to see your site ranking at number 4 or above in the search engines' result pages.

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