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How Is Ceiling Fan Switch Wired?

    Behind the walls

    • Run a raceway, romex or conduit to the switch box with three wires. Typically the hot wire is black, a neutral wire is white and a green wire is the ground. Use a fish tape to run another romex or raceway with three wires up the wall and into the attic from the switch box to the light box in the ceiling. All work on electrical wiring is done with the power turned off at the breaker switch. A half inch of the insulation is stripped off every end to expose 1/2 inch of wire for making connections.

    At the fan

    • Connect the wires from the fan to the wires from the raceway in the light box. Twist the exposed ends of the white neutral wires together and cap with a wire nut. Twist the ground wires together and cap them also. Twist the black wires together. If the fan has a light assembly it will also have a blue or red wire for the lights. Twist that wire around the hot wire connection and cap all three together with a wire nut.

    At the switch

    • Wrap the incoming hot wire around the dark or bronze colored terminal on the light switch. Tighten the terminal screw to cover all exposed strands. Connect the outgoing hot wire to the other terminal on that side of the switch. Twist and cap the ground wires together with a pigtail, or short extra wire, to connect to the green ground terminal at one end of the switch. Twist the neutral wires together and cap them with a wire nut. The neutral wire does not connect to the switch.

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