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Hotels at Batu Feringgi

    North Batu Feringgi

    • There are three hotel resorts in the north of the beach strip: the Shangri-La Hotel and Spa, Golden Sand Beach Resort and Lone Pine Hotel, all offer a high level of service. The Shangri-La is a luxury retreat set in a large tropical garden, replete with swimming pools and other spa facilities. In total the resort comprises around 300 rooms, all with high attention to detail. The Golden sands is the Shangri-La's sister hotel, but is aimed at families and vacationers. It is also set on tropical grounds, but is better known for its sports facilities, including water sports and tennis courts. The Lone Pine Hotel calls itself Batu Feringgi's only luxury boutique hotel. Recently renovated, the hotel boasts nine types of rooms, with varying prices, all decorated in a colonial style.

    Central Batu Feringgi

    • The Sri Sayang Resort Apartments offer one-, two- or three-bed apartments for couples or families. While not quite as luxurious as some other hotels in the area, the Sri Sayang offers good value for money and is close to all restaurants and amenities. There is also windsurfing and Jet Ski facilities. The Casuarina Beach Resort specializes in business conferences and meetings, and provides good facilities to relax and unwind after a hard day's work. The Holiday Inn Resort offers rooms to suit all visitors' needs, a high quality restaurant and views of the limestone cliffs behind the hotel. Close to the beach, this resort also provides water-sports facilities.

    Southern Batu Feringgi

    • At the southern tip of the beach, you will find the Bayview Beach Resort, which is a hotel best suited to business people and water sports fans. The rooms are known for being extremely large and spacious, and the swimming pool contains a famous cocktail bar. The Hard Rock Hotel Penang can be found toward the south of the beach strip. The 250 rooms have a very contemporary feel and contain technology such as iPod docking stations and large televisions. There are several dining options within the hotel.


    • Batu Feringgi is a world-class holiday destination, situated in Penang, otherwise known as The Pearl of The Orient. The caliber of the hotels and resorts here reflects that famous reputation. Wherever you choose to stay at the resort, your hotel will be no more than 5 minutes from world-class tropical beaches, interesting local culture and lush rain forests.

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