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The Mrs. New Jersey Contest Rules

    Age and Residency

    • Entrants are required to be at least 18 years old and married as of the date of entry. They must remain married throughout the entire competition. The winner must stay married for the duration of her term as Mrs. New Jersey America. Entrants must be United States citizens and residents of New Jersey for at least six months prior to the pageant.


    • Entrants cannot have a record of committing any act considered to be immoral or that might cast the pageant in a negative light. They also cannot appear in nude or provocative films or photographs before or during the pageant.

    Professional Contracts

    • Entrants are allowed to have modeling, management, and/or agency contracts, but the contract cannot mention or refer to the Mrs. New Jersey America or Mrs. America Pageant in any way. Entrants are not permitted to have any type of commercial or endorsement agreement.

    Application and Winner Regulations

    • Entrants must agree that the pageant director has final say on all matters regarding the application, performance, and winner selection process. Contestants are allowed to enter the Mrs. New Jersey America pageant more than once, as long as they have never previously won. Should a contestant win the Mrs. New Jersey America title, they must attend the Mrs. America pageant and abide by its rules. Application fees are non-refundable, but may be transferred to another year or person who has not already been selected as a delegate. Lastly, contestants must agree that the judge's decision is final and the Mrs. New Jersey America Organization is not responsible for any judgment errors.

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