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How to Get a Copy of a Birth Certificate in the UK

    How to Get a Copy of A Birth Certificate in the UK

    • 1). Have appropriate information. To get a copy of a birth certificate in the UK, you will need information about you and your immediate family. Start with names, dates of birth, birth locations and National Insurance Numbers (NIN), if applicable. Also, be sure to know what kind of birth certificate you need. In England, people can get short or full certificates.

    • 2). Contact the British General Register Office (GRO) and get a blank family tree template. The Identity and Passport Service has free templates to help you formulate your family history. It may be necessary to outline all relevant family history in this manner to get the correct birth certificate. Some family lines go back centuries. Ask about index references and microfiche.

    • 3). Pay a small fee. In the UK, you will have to pay a small fee in order to get a copy of a birth certificate. It is usually between 3 to ten pounds. Once you have paid your money, a document will be mailed approximately four days afterward. It could, however, take up to two weeks or more. Know that some birth certificates can be obtained for free, provided they are dated between 1837 and before the year 2000.

    • 4). Contact the National Archives of the United Kingdom. It is an English informational management system that has military birth records, as well.

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