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Relishing Austria"s Breathtaking Views - Winter and Summer In The Alps

Breath-taking views which stretch as far as the eye can see, majestic mountainous scenery, rural villages and quaint country towns – all these and more can be enjoyed by school groups on a walking tour in Austria.

That is why it has become a well kept secret among ramblers the world over, that a holiday in Austria is worth enjoying – and repeating over and again.

There are so many panoramic views to see and beautiful rolling hillsides to climb that it is virtually impossible for any lover of country walking to get bored in Austria. Take this landscape in your stride and you’ll come to consider it as a glorious second home.

Destinations include the delightful Tirol, a hiker’s paradise. With Innsbruck as the region’s capital, it offers the chance to mix a city-break with an adventure in the country. A cable car journey up the Patscherkofel Mountain to the Pine Tree Trail, locally known as Zirbenweg, is one which will long have a special place in the memory bank of anyone who has experienced it.

Pretty holiday villages surround Innsbruck, which itself cries out to be explored on foot. Discover its intriguing side streets, Medieval archways, antiquated shops and classic architecture.

Summer walkers will delight in the colourful floral festoons of the Alpbach Valley which lines the route between the charming village of Alpbach and its neighbouring Reith. The two are just a three quarters of an hour drive away from Innsbruck and are well worth the effort if only to see the flower bedecked balconies of the local timbered houses.

Enjoy a break for a drink in a historic rural inn after leaving the car parked up to explore one of the many waymarked trails – ideal for school group travel parties – which lead along pathways bordered by babbling brooks and weave through woodlands, grazing pastures and wild-flower meadows.

A well trodden walking route is that to Seefeld, situated high on a sunny plateau. At 3,600 feet up, offering 360 degree views, it is easy to see why so many make the uphill journey.

Many of Austria’s walking tours have been designed by and are recommended by the Austrian Tourist Board, which will provide a wealth of fascinating information on each of them, pointing out places of interest to look out for en route. They are all well sign-posted and most are easily navigable for anyone with a reasonable degree of fitness.

Tour guides will advise on any which may be more strenuous or which are unsuitable for the very young or elderly.

Austria, of course, is also known for its high altitude lakes and a trip to the lakeside village of Hallstatt, a focal point of the Salzkammergut region, World Heritage site, is guaranteed to provide numerous photo opportunities. With the remnants of 4,500 years of history to be explored, ice caves and ancient salt mines, it is  one of Austria’s most picturesque locations, visually striking for the natural artistry of its craggy landscape. Hallstatt lies at the foot of the Dachstein mountain, at 3,004 metres, the highest in the region. It is challenge which most walkers will simply be unable to resist.

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