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I Quit Smoking For Good With The Help Of Smoke Deter

I used to work for an international cigarette company and enjoyed smoking cigarettes. I had a free cigarette allowance each month so it was not an expensive habit just a bad one for my health. It was a great lifestyle living in luxury, well paid and supported by the company.

However, after a bit of a heart scare and not feeling too healthy I decided that I should give up smoking. This was a very difficult task for me to undertake when working in the industry and at the same time, selling cigarettes into the developing countries around the world.

I started by trying to cut down on how many cigarettes I smoked each day but with work and social commitments it was nearly impossible. Just wanting to give up is half the battle the other half is overcoming the actual addiction. Most people do not associate smokers with drug addicts but they are addicts none the less, just as much as those that are hooked on cocaine or other hardline drugs. So to quit one needs something to help overcome the nicotine craving otherwise it is near impossible to have any real success,

There are a number of different nicotine replacement aids on the market. Some of these are tablets others are nicotine patches and then there is a spray product called Smoke Deter which is what I used to help me quit.

The product is a 100% natural homeopathic that comes in the form of a spray. I used this as directed by spraying under the tongue three times a day. The first couple of days I still had nicotine craving but once I was over this initial period I started to feel much better and the need for cigarettes dropped off and I was able to quit.

However, still working in the industry I had to hide the fact that I was no longer smoking. A few months after this effort I was back at the head office in London for an annual conference and found it difficult not smoking around all my colleges. Anyway, I managed to resist and was still a non smoker.

My boss asked me to call into one of the companies overseas factories in Brazil on my way back to South American where I was running a regional office. He wanted me to check that their locally produced version of one of our major brands was up to scratch and the same us our UK version.

While at the factory and discussing the blend you can imagine the reaction of the local management who simply said there is nothing wrong with the blend or taste, 'Try them for yourself' So, I had to sample a few and see for myself. The first few puffs made me feel a bit dizzy, remember I had not smoked for a couple of months. Anyway, the meetings went on and on and I had to smoke a few more, then it was out to dinner and more cigarettes.

The result was that I was back smoking again. I had a well paid comfortable job but I hated the fact that I was selling cigarettes when I did not like smoking myself. I was always beating myself up over the fact that I was selling a product that could be harmful to the consumers. It was a dilemma that I resolved by resigning from the company.

Now I had no real excuse and I was determined to quite smoking for good. Having kicked the habit once before I know I had to do. There was no way that I could just give up on my own, I needed the same sort of aid to help me that I had used before.

So I went back to Smoke Deter and with a little determination I was able to quit again and this time keep off the cigarettes. Having given up, I must say that I am now very anti-smoking and tend to keep away from smokers. I find the smell and smoke very distasteful and could never think of smoking again.

Giving up the nicotine addiction is not easy. It takes a lot of determination and a true desire to really want to quit. Let's face it, we all know that cigarette smoke, tar and nicotine being ingested into ones lungs and blood stream can only be harmful. So if you are a smoker, take my advice and seek help to quit, just as I did.

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