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Paladin Antivirus Removal - How to Remove Paladin Antivirus

Paladin AntiVirus Paladin Antivirus is another fake anti virus program that usually gets installed on your computer from a Trojan virus that is already existing on your system or perhaps has just recently infected your computer.
It is designed to scare you (scareware) into purchasing the full version of the fake anti virus named Paladin Antivirus in order to remove the fake virus threats that it causes to pop up on your screen.
Do not pay for it and do not provide anyone associated with Paladin your credit card information.
The paladin antivirus can be a bit tricky to remove from your computer.
You may not be able to run any programs at all.
You may feel helpless against this rogue program.
If you are able to get onto the internet while Paladin is on your computer then I suggest that you download the tools you plan on using to remove the virus before we get started.
However do not install them just yet.
Only save them to your computer, I like to save them to the C drive, that way it is easy to run them with out having to type out a long path name.
There are ways to remove Paladin Antivirus from your computer.
First I suggest that you make sure your computer is connected to your internet with an Ethernet cable, because some computer using a wireless connection, will not work in safe mode with networking.
Then start your computer using a diagnostic process called safe mode with networking.
You can find a link at the end of this article to some support videos, one of which will explain to you how to start your computer up in safe mode with networking, but remember some wireless connections will not work when you are using safe mode with networking, that is why I suggest you connect with an Ethernet cable before you get started.
Once you are in safe mode with networking you still may not be able to do anything, you may only see a display showing the Paladin Antivirus, If this is the case then open task manager and end all processes that have your user name showing, except for task manager.
You can also end the task explorer.
exe as the virus could be attached to it so we should end that process.
When the explorer.
exe is ended your icons will disappear from the desktop screen but don't be alarmed by that.
If you are lucky you may actually see the process running that is the virus in one case it was clearly named paladin.
If you see that use your right mouse button to click on it one time.
Then click on "end task" or "end process" you may see a small warning box pop up asking you if you are sure you want to end the process or task, respond with YES.
At this point hopefully the screen showing Paladin is gone.
But if you ended the explorer.
exe task now you have another problem, and that is there are no icons showing on your screen.
And that is OK sometimes.
If you have save the tools to your "C" drive then you can click on the file tab in task manager then click "file" "new task run" then type in the location and file name of the virus removal tool you planned on using.
Then install and run the virus removal tool and you should be all set.
Let us know if you have any problems.

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