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Today" s News : Babu Fires On Ysr And Sezs ! Hello Andhra

Rajahmundry Todays News : New spark is being seen in TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu. Babu who is presently in Rajahmundry as a part of his walkathon in East Godavari district is assured to provide the rule of Srirama. He is stated to have been moved by the problems being faced by the people around the state and taken up the walk to know and eradicate all those.

Chandrababu asked the public to think before voting and assured that he would serve as the eldest son of their family for the next five years. He said YSR had cheated the people on the name of SEZs and he would cancel all of them. He is clarified that unlike any other state in the country YSR had given about Two lach acres to 113 SEZs in state and 15000 acres just in Kakinada.

Babu stated that there is no advancement in the state, but the lands of the poor are being bought in lachs and are later being sold by the realtors in crores doing business deals. He said would cancel the SEZs and givie back the lands of the poor once TDP is into power.

Chandrababu commenting on the latest announcement from CM Kiran to be giving the SCs upto 50 units of free electricity is a falsified statement. He said anybody now days would be using a minimum of 100 units per household and thus the free power announced by Kiran is of no use. Babu stated that more from the Brahmin community are poor and thus would give free power for their children when TDP comes into power.

Chandrababu padyatra entered East Godavari District and the party cadre welcomes him grandly on the Rajahmundry Bridge. Cine actor Muralimohan also accompanied him during the occasion. TDP Chief Naara Chandrababu Naidu is doing his Padayatra in West Godavari dist fired on Congress, TRS and YSRCP and said that these parties, who left the public woes to the air, are playing drama in the name of no confidence motion.

The former chief minister said that while Telugu Desam was committed to the welfare of people, both mother Congress and its child had been lining their pockets with people's money. A large number of people attended to the meetings of the TDP chief throughout the pada yatra. Slightly modifying the style of speech, Chandrababu Naidu fired questions first and later gave answers to them.

He said that the government had been spending Rs. 5500 crore on health, but was getting revenue of Rs. 20,000 crore on liquor sale. People should take note of this closely. Chandra Babu will do 13 days padayatra in Kakinada to know the problems of the people in those areas. Regarding this, TDP leader has prepared Vasthuna Meekosam Padayatra Route map. He is going to walk 195 kilo Meters starting from Rajahmundry to Thuni. This padayatra will cover 9 Assembly constitutions villages.

This month 21st he will reach Rajahmundry through Rail juice Road Bridge from kovvuru west Godavari district. That night he will stay in Rajahmundry.Next day he will start padayatra from Rajahmundry Rural constitution and he covers Anaparthi constitution. From Anaparthi, he will cover Madapet, Rayavarm, Gollala Mamidada, Pedhapudi, Pedhadala areas. From there he will go to Kakinada and then he will cover Pitapuram, Kathipudi, Annavarm and then he will reach to Thuni. TDP Leaders were making all the arrangements to do padayatra in these areas.

Padayatra in Visakha district from April 8:

Telugu Desam party president Chandrababu Naidu would launch his "Vastunna Meekosam' pada yatra in Visakhapatnam from April 8 which would continue till 27th of the same month. The pada yatra would enter Visakhapatnam district at Gannavaram Metta of Natavaram mandal in East Godavari district on April 8th. The pada yatra would cover eleven Assembly constituencies in Visakhapatnam district.

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