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The Benefit of Mineral Water for Your Heart

Mineral water is water containing minerals or other dissolved substances that alter its taste or give it therapeutic value, generally obtained from a naturally occurring mineral spring or source.

According to the result of a study that is conducted by researchers from Loma Linda University in California, mineral water is good for the health of your heart. Mineral water can lower the risk for you to get heart disease.

The research shows that people who drink at least five glasses of water per day are seldom to die because of heart attack. This fact is on the contrary with the reality that happens to people who drink less than two glasses of water each day. Indeed, those who drink other drinks instead of plain water get a bigger risk to die because of heart disease.

The analysis mentioned above is based on a study involving 8.280 men and 12.017 women around the age of 38 years. During the six-year study led by Jacqueline Chan, DrPH and Synnove Knutsen, MD, PhD, this study recorded events and the development of coronary heart disease.

The result of study that is published by the American Journal of Epidemiology mentions the risk of heart attack on participants who drank more than five glasses of water per day is reduced to 41 percent. Meanwhile, the risk of heart attack on men who consumed other beverages including tea, coffee, juice, milk and alcohol, is still high.

According to Chan, water that people drink will be absorbed into the bloodstream, so it can reduce the thickness of blood vessels. Then, the risk of heart attack triggered by a blood clot would be reduced.

Conversely, other beverages will thicken the blood vessels because after being digested, the beverages will contain the same concentration in blood. Different from aspirin and alcohol that can reduce the risk of heart disease but accompanied by other health problems, water is relatively inexpensive, easy to obtain, and harmless.

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