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Silpada: Symbol Of A Modern Woman

Silpada Sterling Jewelry aim has always been to make women look good and stylish  .And they have been successful for a decade in helping women realize their dream of looking good and feeling confident . Their well crafted and beautiful pieces of jewelry has been instrumental in helping women dress up and look the best that they can. The jewelry , because of its elegance and sophistication , has come to symbolize the modern and confident woman .

The idea of Silpada was conceived by two stylish mothers Teresa Walsh and Bonnie Kelly as an interesting and fun way to make extra money and to give shape to their creative genius. They showcased their beautiful pieces in the informal parties that they threw for their friends .These were greatly appreciated and admired and the customers started coming in. What sets Silpada apart is the uniqueness and beauty of its products .The jewelry are handcrafted .925 sterling silver jewelry with a life time guarantee.

 There are 450 unique designs which is meant to carter to the taste women of every age and sensibility. There are an array of jewelry products to choose from .From rings encrusted with semi precious stones to elegant bracelet, earrings, belts, cuffs, necklaces and watches. The beauty of Silpada is that its designs range from elegant to bold ones. It therefore very successfully captures the essence of a modern woman who is confident, elegant and wants to look good.

Silpada offers its customers the opportunity to empower themselves by helping its representatives earn handsomely by selling its products among their friends and colleagues. It helps women not only to look beautiful but gives them an opportunity to be financially independent. A Silpada representative can wear and showcase the jewelry in parties and gatherings that they hold. Not only do they win the admiration of people but also help other women  to look their best .And for the a decade Silpada has gained its share of loyal customers due to its unique handicraft and its commitment to making women look their best.

To become a Silpada representative is a simple procedure. $199 initial fee must be paid to get an Initiation Cerficate . But the fee is $ 100 only for representatives who buy who buy jewelry worth $750 at the time of joining the Silpada . A representative can earn 30% profit on every piece that they sell .Gradually the commission earned by representatives increases as they climb higher on the organizational ladder of the company and become more successful.

What sets Silpada apart is the flexibility and freedom it allows its representative in selling the products .The representatives can buy the products at 50% discount. They can sell the products in whatever quantity and how so ever they wish to, either through the informal parties, through telephone or from door to door in their neighborhood. There is no time constraint and no concept of selling a required amount .It works more like a sisterhood which sets Silpada apart from other organization and is the reason for Silpada's growth from a $ 50 venture to worth $ 650 million in 2010. Not to mention it has more than 25,000 representatives around the globe. It has grown to reach every part of the world and has helped many women in their quest to look good and earn the extra cash at the same time.

Silpada apart from being a successful business venture is proud to be like a family comprising its customers and representatives. It is like a business opportunity that not only helps women realize their dream lifestyle but also earns them a friend for life . From stay at home moms to working women , Silpada has women customers from diverse back grounds who share the love for looking beautiful and also earn while they look their best. The whole community of Silpada works together and this aura of team work and loyalty is instrumental in the rising success of Silpada.

Silpada boasts of beautiful craftsmanship in terms of uniqueness of its designs. The wide range  of  its collection attracts the attention of women from all walks of life .What unites these women is their desire to look beautiful and confident .And Silpada makes them realize this dream .And also provides them the opportunity to share it with other women and earn while they look amazing .

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