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How You Can Determine If A Loved One Is Abusing Drugs Or Alcohol

A person is already suffering from alcohol or drug abuse when he feels the intense need to ingest the substance. He may consider the substance as the most valuable thing in his current life. Substance abuse usually starts with experiments and occasional drinking which develops into a means to control some situations.

When an individual begins to overuse medicines or alcohol, he may end up with an addiction to the substance. Such habit can be treated; however, it is essential for the abuser to accept that he has a problem. According to experts from drugs and alcohol rehabs, an addict should be prepared to make some changes in his lifestyles in order to achieve complete recovery from his addiction. Loved ones should be able to determine symptoms of substance abuse so that they can help the sufferer as early as possible.

First of all, loved ones should look for alcohol or drugs in the sufferer's place. It is likely for an abuser to have a stock of these substances in order to satisfy their urge. Loved ones must be attentive to behaviors and comments that indicate this type of behavior like the need to drink alcohol so that he can cope with life stress or the need to take drugs to feel high so that he can fall asleep or become active to do some works for the day.

Loved ones of an addict should find out if the patient is involved in risky activities while he is intoxicated or under the influence of drugs. It is likely for drug or alcohol abusers to drive after taking drugs or drinking alcohol.

Alcohol or drug addiction can also be noticed if there is a change in the financial situation of the person. An addict is expected to spend more money than what he is used to when he is abusing substances. When short of money, they tend to borrow from friends and are not able to pay their bills.

Many specialists in drugs and alcohol rehabs say that substance abusers will also show changes in the way they look because they tend not to care about it. Their life everyday is aimed at taking the substance and ignoring even their personal hygiene.

Moreover, substance abusers may display behavioral changes and these should be spotted by worried family members. It is likely that they will disregard their responsibilities at work, in school and at home as well as their duties. They may associate themselves with new groups of friends who may be sharing the same habit with them.

Drug and alcohol abuse can result in dangerous situations and effects on health. A concerned relative should bring the sufferer to a treatment facility as early as possible to deal with the issue before it gets worst.

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