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5 Breakup Mistakes to Be Warned About

It's surprisingly easy to do things during a breakup that you'll regret later on.
  Well, it's really not that surprising considering how much a separation can impact your life...
but it's still dangerously easy to make a slip-up that could cost you any chance of getting your ex back.
  Here are five of these mistakes to be careful of.
  Being too clingy.
  The best thing to do is just let your ex go for a while.
  Going along with the breakup and giving him some space is an excellent opener that will actually provide you with a lot of benefits when you try to get back together later on.
  Harassing your ex with countless messages, calls, or emails.
  This is called "Text Message Terrorism" and is every bit as intimidating as it sounds.
  This is a good way to drive your ex further away and make him LESS likely to consider you for another try.
  Letting your emotions control you.
  Feelings of hurt and loneliness are natural and have their place...
if you didn't feel them you'd probably doubt your humanity.
  However, there's a difference between having feelings and letting them own you.
  No matte how depressed you are, always find the strength to stand up and keep going.
  Escaping your pain through unhealthy means, namely drugs or alcohol.
  Not only is this bad for you physically and emotionally, it can also cripple your chances of getting your ex back if you succumb to "Drunk Dialing" (a late-night call inspired by loneliness and given willpower by alcohol, seriously lowering your ex's image of you).
  Expecting your ex to change for you.
  You can't control your ex, or how he is...
if you want to get him back YOU are the one who'll have to make some sacrifices, at least at first.
  Lead the way and do what you can to solve the problems of the relationship on your side, and once your devotion to the cause is evident your ex will usually follow suit.

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