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UFO Sighting Reports

A list of the most current selected UFO sighting reports for the year 2010

1. Current UFO Sighting Reports - 01-07-2010

From Florida we have a report of a star-shaped object which moved through the midst of three small planes. In Nevada, a family traveling on I-80 saw a number of red lights in the sky. This event changed a skeptic into a believer.

From Oregon, a man reports he saw a cigar-shaped UFO move over a grocery store in a driving rain storm. Finally, we have an incredible sighting from Tennessee which repeated itself several times.More »

2. Current UFO Sighting Reports - 01-14-2010

This week we have reports from California, Kentucky, Nevada, and New Mexico. Our California report comes from a woman who, while taking down outside Christmas lights, saw her neighbors looking up into the sky. She joined them, and saw an object with blinking lights sitting stationary in the sky.

A couple of motorists in Kentucky saw six orange lights slowly moving just off of the side of the highway. Other vehicles were pulled on the side, with witnesses watching the objects for up to five minutes.

In Nevada, a man saw a spinning, star-like objectin Reno, and in New Mexico, a man and his mother saw one bright, unknown, orange object, then another, and then another.More »

3. Current UFO Sighting Reports - 01-21-2010

All reports from Pennsylvania. Our first witness was driving on Route 10 when he saw a brilliant, blue-green object which crossed the sky going southeast to northwest. Our second report was made to Steve Cox, of MUFON dispatch, who relates a sighting of an orb-like object which appeared to either land or crash.

Our third report was made from the corner of Route 590 and Finn Swamp Road. A witness saw a round, black object with lights around it. And finally, we have a report from a man who, while sitting on his couch, saw through a window what appeared to be a meteorite,but was not, according to him.More »

4. Current UFO Sighting Reports - 01-28-2010

We have four reports from the state of California. The first report comes from the city of Carlsbad, where a blue-colored UFO was seen. It had no navigational lights.

Our last three reports all involve orbs. Our second report relates a sighting by six family members. Our third report involves multiple orbs, finally three of them formed a triangle. Finally, we have a report from a man whose wife woke him up to check out an unknown object seen over the Ventura Beach.More »

5. Current UFO Sighting Reports - 02-04-2010

Our first report comes from Kansas, and details an event near the city of Pratt. Our second sighting comes from Maine, where a man traveling a lonely road at night sees something very unusual.

Next, we check out a sighting report from Oregon, a state which has produced some of the best UFO photo and video evidence. And finally, we go to South Dakota, where two people see several unknown lights.More »

6. Current UFO Sighting Reports - 02-11-2010

This week we have two reports from California, one from Illinois, and one from Oklahoma. Our first report from the golden state relates an incident that occurred on Sunset Blvd. Our second sighting is a multi-witness report of activity near the constellation Orion.

Our report from Illinois relates the sighting of a triangle UFO moving over a McDonald's. It was seen by a man and wife. Our last report comes from the MUFON Oklahoma State Director.More »

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