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Love Advice: 3 Simple Ideas for Attracting Someone Suitable to You

Millions of people walk this earth without realizing the potential that they have.
And it is this potential, this talent they have that will make them stand out in a crowd.
Instead of focusing on hiding this talent they have, they should be doing everything they can to show the world what they can do.
This is not about showing off or being a braggart; it is about realizing what you are good at and then demonstrating your worth to the world.
As you look more valuable to those around you, you become more attractive.
When my friend Jordyn was first starting out in the music business, she was not sure what her talent was.
All her life she tried to be a singer and then a guitar player, and then a drum player, etc.
She wanted to learn it all because she felt that knowing more would allow her to have more fans.
But it was one night in a smoky bar that changed her perspective on her music.
When she realized that it was her voice that made her the happiest of all when she was onstage, she decided to focus on that aspect of her talent.
Sure, she was good at the guitar and the drums, but her passion lie in her voice and her ability to sing.
From that moment on, she would not pick up an instrument during a concert, allowing her voice to be the tool that carried her from show to show.
And people began to notice.
The crowds became larger and the band became more popular.
In the local paper, the reviewer commented that it was Jordyn's voice that was the leader of the band, standing out as the main instrument of the whole group.
The more the band focused on letting Jordyn use her voice, the more popular they became, eventually signing with a major record label and having a strong following to this day.
While you might think that attracting someone to you does not take any work at all, and you are mostly right, you do need to do more than just sit in a locked bedroom, waiting for the love of your life to knock on the door.
If only it could happen that way.
What you need to do is make sure that you are doing your part to be available for potential mates.
Whether that means that you keep your schedule free for dates or that you head out to places where singles are found, that is up to you.
Here are some ideas for taking action: a) Hang out with couples: This attracts 'couple' energy to your life rather than 'single' energy.
b) Always bring enough money for two people to have a drink or some food c) Clear the evenings in your schedule that you want to date other people.
For example, stop working late every night, making yourself unavailable to those that might want to go out with you.
Tomas was worried that he was never going to find someone to be a part of his life.
He worked all day, played video games at night, but still could not understand why he was not getting dates more often.
He was a fun guy, but he just was not taking an action to help put his energy out into the universe.
One night when he was playing role playing games online, he was chatting with another guy online.
Tomas complained about never having time to date anyone or finding the right person when the other player told him, "Well, you do play video games every night.
" Tomas was offended at first, but then he realized that the other player was right.
He did spend nearly every free night on the computer.
To change his life, he decided that he needed to get out of the house at least twice a week, even if it was just to get his groceries.
By shifting his energy into something that was not a solitary action, he began to meet more potential dates.

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