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How to Stand Out Sending Messages Online Dating

Getting responses back from women when online dating is not easy for most guys. In fact that is the #1 reason men stop using an online dating site like Women are buried under a sea of emails if they are halfway attractive.

So the main problem to solve is how to get her to read and want to reply to your message. If you can get her to respond once, you are halfway there. Why don't they reply? They are women and women do what they feel like. If you don't give her a reason, she is just likely to hit delete. The delete button is simple, she doesn't have to spend any time talking to you, meeting your family or figuring out if you are a nutcase. It really is a split second feeling she gets.

If you send her gushing emails or start talking about sex or how hot she is, you are playing a deadly game. Deadly to your success, that is. She gets a million of those kind of emails. You have to be different and make her think.

The trick is to not be like an average guy, you stand out. So your subject line must intrigue her or even make her a little mad. Be creative and mention something she talks about in her profile.

Make her feel unique and special for something besides her beauty. Pick out anything that really stood out and talk about it.

Keep your first email short, its goal is to get her to your profile and to email you back, that is it.

Your profile needs to spell out what you are looking for and what you and her will do together for fun. Women want new experiences and something different. They get bored easily, so offer her change.

Your goal as a date is to get her out of her normal average boring life. You are her source of excitement. If you offer women this kind of date, she will have to spend time with you. Get her to chase after the fun.

Make sure and be able to live up to what you write, otherwise when she figures it out, you are toast.

In your profile, you need to talk about fun things you do and let her read herself right into the picture. You have to have an interesting life, and the way you do that is to always be looking for and doing new things. Get off the couch and stop watching so much tv and messing around on the computer. Build your social circle by calling your friends and making plans every single week.

Good luck in your online dating, it really is a super way to meet lots more women. And you know for certain they are looking for dates.

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