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How to Do Network Marketing Lead Generation

Network marketing lead generation is easy to do if you know how to.
Because of the Internet it is much easier to build a list of qualified prospects interested in network marketing.
You will have to set things up right first though.
The first thing that you must have is an autoresponder.
I use a AWeber but GetResponse is also a good choice.
An autoresponder is a tool that allows you to collect information about your new leads like their name and email address.
Using a professional service like Aweber protects you from exposure to spam laws.
I recommend that you definitely use double opt-in.
Double opt-in requires your new lead to click on a preliminary email that will allow them to opt-in.
This may reduce the number of leads you have but it will save you a lot of headaches.
The other nice thing about using a service is that your database is online and mobile.
This will allow you to interact with your contacts from anywhere on the planet that you can get Internet access.
Once you have an autoresponder you need to have a central location for all of your information, a hub.
The best platform (the one that I use) is a Wordpress blog.
If you can afford it I highly recommend hosting the blog yourself.
You can get a domain name from GoDaddy (.
info is about $2).
I also highly recommend HostGator to host it.
They have a great service and can get a hosted Wordpress blog up in minutes (About $6/mo.
Once you have a blog you will want to set up a landing page.
A landing page is a page that allows you to offer information in exchange for Name, Email, and sometimes the Phone number of your leads.
The important thing is to provide something of real value.
The last step to network marketing lead generation is to start marketing.
There are many ways that you can do this.
Videos, articles, banner advertisement, email (not spam) are all very good ways to start getting traffic to your blog/landing page.
Soon your list will begin to grow and you will be able to continue to share valuable information and, of course, invite them to join you in your network marketing opportunity.
It is important to remember that your primary focus should always be on providing good content.
Its about what you give.
Does network marketing lead generation sound a little overwhelming? It doesn't have to be.
Find out how I make this simple by going to Lead Edge MLM.

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