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Global Pollution (Not Global Warming) Should Be The Discussion And The Debate

Attempting to keep politics and one's political bias out of an issues-based article is virtually impossible.
Just as engaging in a political or social issues debate or discussion automatically comes from the perspective of having a personal agenda.
So before addressing the essence of this article, which pertains to an overview of the Global Warming dialogue, allow me to qualify (or disqualify) myself, as to where I stand, here...
For more years than I care to recall or relate, I was a registered Republican, but with "treasonous" leftist leanings putting me, more accurately, in a "moderate" or "independent" position.
The Right never had me when it comes to attaching belief and credibility to supernatural Bible-centric religious parables and teachings; or when it comes to compliance with their almost universal stance as regards a "pro-life" position vs.
"a woman's right to choose.
" I am, and always will be adamantly in favor of private, family decisions not being interfered with by government, by activist, religious dogma-spouting "crusaders," or by select relatives and neighbors, always frenzied in the extreme, it seems, when it comes to lobbying and pressuring politicians to do their bidding in state legislatures.
Translation: if your 14-year old daughter becomes pregnant it is no one's business outside your immediate family as to how you handle it.
It's called private decision-making and freedom of choice, which we are supposed to have the liberty to exercise in America, thank you.
And who among us really believes that our mission here on this earth is to live for our neighbor's belief system, impinged upon, as it is, by their choice of a place of worship which we do not subscribe to? You will notice that your neighbors are not living for your belief system, as per all this cajoling to change what you believe by coercion or through "emotional appeal," which begs the question as to why privacy in the personal decision-making arena cannot work both ways? Apart from the exceptions, above, Republican Party and conservative fiscal policy leanings predominated my thinking, along with a respectful reverence for our military, the job it does and the sacrifices our men and women make to a greater cause than themselves, individually; as well as a staunch belief in the capitalistic, free enterprise system which built our nation into the greatest and most powerful monolith in modern world history.
Given the above, why would one suddenly bolt from being a registered Republican to becoming a registered Democrat, as I did three years ago? The impetus, and my thanks for that go to the much-maligned former Vice President of the United States, Al Gore, although Mr.
Gore's emphasis upon the "climate change" aspect of the environmental protection and awareness universal dialogue I do not believe is comprehensive, nor goes far enough when it comes to articulating the severity of the problem confronting present and future (some optimism there) generations.
So that while I side with the Left on this issue, I have major reservations concerning how the Left is carrying the ball, here.
I say forget participating in the "climate change" shouting match.
If, in fact, our planet is in a warming mode, consistent with the historical trend of its alternately warming and cooling throughout time immemorial, far greater issues with potential dire consequences merit our primary focus.
Three issues in particular should be at the forefront of this debate...
Our planet's burgeoning, out of control population.
Most regrettably, much if not most of this stems from a "population race" among numerous religious and ethnic blocks, around the globe.
While it may be predicated upon fear related to survival issues, whatever the rationale for encouraging "large families," it must be contained and controlled, consistent with China belatedly coming to Her senses on this issue and mandating governmental sanctions and proscriptions against the concept of the large family.
Given the planet's finite natural resources and limited land mass we just cannot survive yet another doubling of the world's population.
And one political analyst's reckless and default observation that "When we have no more room for population expansion on earth, we can colonize Mars," is positively frightening for its arrogant and surrealistic implications.
"Be fruitful and die of malnutrition, disease, and resource-scavenging wars," is now the reality we must now contend with.
The "Be fruitful and multiply" part we have handled with aplomb and excessive zeal and it is past time to defuse the "population bomb" which threatens our quality of life and our ultimate survival capability.
And war is indeed the second of the three critical threats to our planetary ecological health and survival.
This destructive component is the simplest to document and chronicle.
The fallout from defense contractor manufactured chemicals, gases and toxins chokes our atmosphere, scars the land, and devastates and pollutes marine life and the quality of our water and natural resources.
Who can debate this? Yet few bother, allowing distraction by superficial "climate change" rhetoric to monopolize the focus and the discussion.
Last but by no means least, is the natural resources plundering by corporations and government, ongoing around the globe.
Profits today - at the expense of the quality of life tomorrow - is the ultimate short-sighted trade.
Decimating the rain forest of South America has severe consequences for the entire world's population.
The construction of ever-more super highways, housing projects and eyesore shopping mall sprawl comes with an enormous price tag, starting with the slow but certain retreat and eventual extinction of our wilderness habitat and its living creatures, who are, indisputably, a part of nature's plan for our survival.
You have to feel for infants coming into the world, today.
The ecologically and financially bankrupt legacy we are leaving them puts them in a survival mode like no other generation in history.
Perhaps, in their desperation, they will see the light of what really matters when it comes to the long-term values they refuse to subjugate to short-term expedience - starting with getting the dialogue right.
If I may, I would like to share the lyrics to a song I composed and registered in 2010, which addresses the environmental crises we are in...
Earth Day - When Values Collide Once the air was clean, the seas were blue and green, The jungle habitat was teeming with life, wild and pristine.
The skies were blue and gray, no smoke to choke the day, The people worked the land by hand in a slow, primitive way.
Then came the storm, industrial plunder was born, Nature crying for help, made us mourn.
Drilled with holes from the Equator to the Poles, Stripped of mineral wealth, forest and lakes, oil and coal.
Then the people multiplied, the balance of Nature they defied..
Countless billions swarmed the land, Apocalypse rumblings close at hand..
From sea to shore, we hear the roar, of fire and flood at high tide,...
When values collide.
(Instrumental Bridge) In the springtime of the year, for Earth Day we can cheer, Knowing that as the world comes alive, our children long will survive.
Peace on earth will reign, war will not profane, The sacred life that cascades down from the mountains to the plains.
Nations will rise from smouldering ashes to the skies, Bringing to life the dream that our world will never die.
Keep the faith, for all it's worth, Celebrate our Mother Earth, at Her rebirth.
All the world would like to know, with Russia and China how will it go?...
From North Korea to Iran, nuclear warheads in the sand..
The human race, will have to face,...
The day of world genocide,...
When values collide.
(Copyright and BMI Registered, R.
Bonter, 2010)

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