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Create A Star Impression With Star Belly Button Rings

Getting a belly button piercing may seem a very difficult task as you may already know that they take a much longer time to heal compared to other body piercing. But for people, who already have such a pierce, it is a thing of beauty and a regular flaunting of belly button jewelry is a must for them. Bellybutton piercing have gained a huge popularity during the early 90s after supermodel Christy Turlington displayed her belly button piercing at the London fashion show in 1993. The most common type of bellybutton jewelry is a simple bar with two balls attached at each end these are commonly known as barbells.

But for fashion conscious women of today the bellybutton jury has come off age and has matured into much more elaborate and fashionable looking pieces that can range anywhere from $20-$2000. One of the most very popular bellybutton jewelry nowadays is the star belly button rings. The star belly button rings range of jewelry has very many options it can be like a simple barbell, with the ball at the one and an elaborately designed star at the other end. They can also be like a full ring with the dangling star and they can even be simply bellybutton rings attached to the chain to a star hanging below.

Whatever be the style you choose, there will still be very many options when considering star belly button rings as each of the style is really have several different versions of the very many semi precious stones are even simple cheap crystals. The pricing of these star belly button rings are all dependent upon the metals they are constructed with and the stones they are inlaid with. A star belly button ring with Swarovski crystals or even some semi precious stones can easily cost for thousands of dollars.

Often for many it is a desire to add designer or bellybutton jewelry but they cannot actually afford the branded star belly button rings. For those people, there are many online companies who have a huge collection of such bellybutton rings to satisfy their desires to have an economical yet more stylish bellybutton ring. Also at festival seasons most of these online collections provide huge range of discounts for the customer to obtain. Women often consider star belly button rings to be one of the most luxurious as well as stylish among all the possible bellybutton jewelry combinations.

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