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Mini Pet Turtle Information


    • You will need at least a 50-gallon tank and a special UVA/UVB lamp to place above a rock or stone for basking. Avoid the popular lagoons.

    Diet: Veggies

    • Feed your turtle a diet of one-third leafy greens and two-thirds grasses and weeds. Use turtle pellets in moderation. Fruit and other vegetables should be given no more than once a week.

    Diet: Protein, Phosphorus & Purines

    • Avoid feeding your mini turtle too much protein, which harms its organs and softens its shell. Also avoid shellfish, foods that contains purines and excess phosphorus, all of which are destructive to a turtle's health.

    Disposition & Handling

    • Pick up your mini turtle with both hands, and be aware that prolonged struggling is a sign of stress. Some turtles are aggressive in begging for food; resist overfeeding to avoid health problems.

    Life Span

    • Mini turtles live up to 40 years, so make sure you are willing to make a long-term commitment to your pet.

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