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Malaysia - A Truly Asia Experience

Malaysia advertises itself as '"Truly Asia", it's easy to see why when you land in the capital, Kuala Lumpur.
Kuala Lumpur is a mind boggling and endearingly chaotic city.
The most dazzling combination of history and tradition and range of multi cultural cuisine is a treat to the tourists.
Kuala Lumpur is a truly international city and home to many expatriates who have found it comfortable as well hospitable.
It has some of the best Malaysia hotels also some of the best international hotel chains.
It boasts some of the most interesting shopping malls selling a range of electronic goods, clothing and of course food courts.
The singularity of the malls is in stark contrast to the variety available at Kuala Lumpur's street markets from cheap imitations to genuine antiques.
Rantau Abang is completely different from Kuala Lumpur.
Some years back it was famous for the beautiful leatherback turtle until tourism and crowding affected the nesting patterns.
Today turtle sightings are rare but the beaches are still a popular holiday destination for Malaysians.
Georgetown, Penang's major city is a reflection of Malaysia's colonial heritage.
The lovely old buildings are reminiscent of Britain.
It is a UNESCO world heritage site and has architectural contributions from China, colonial Britain and local community.
It has many interesting places and is a tourist friendly place and most tourist attractions are accessible by walk.
An Odyssey through the Wildlife of Sabah Sandakan, a city in Sabah province is a good getaway for wildlife enthusiasts.
The Sepilok Orangutan rehabilitation centre and the Turtle Island National Park are both around Sandakan.
Wildlife enthusiasts love these two places.
Kota Kinabalu is another city in the Sabah province and the two areas are noted for their fresh seafood.
As proud as Malaysia is of its diversity, Kuala Terengganu is the mainstay of the Malays.
This is where the Malay culture and heritage is best viewed.
It has many beautiful mosques including the lovely floating mosque.
It is the gateway to several gorgeous beaches and islands that are found along the coast.
Across Malaysia, the cuisine reflects the multi ethnicity and the multicultural nature of the country.
The food reflects its history and is happy amalgamation of Indian, Chinese and Malay cuisines.
There are also lovely contributions from the many indigenous natives of Malaysia.
The Malaysian cities have as much to offer as their more popular island counterparts.
In the end visitors have only two words to say to Malaysians for this truly Asian experience-Terimah Kasih means Thank You in Malay.
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