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How to Build a Home (Startup) Business With Article Marketing

Starting a home business can be very challenging.
For a start, you have no products to promote.
So you have to either develop your own products, or sell other people's products.
Next, you have no web traffic.
No traffic means no sales.
As the bills continue to cave in on you month after month (that's what it feels like isn't it?), you feel trapped.
Here is how you can get your home business up to speed with article marketing.
Make sure you read the entire article because everything has to be in place for this to work.
Step 1: Start off with affiliate products.
The beginning is always the most difficult stage.
You have no products to promote, and at times, you feel lost.
A good way to start is to look for high quality affiliate products to promote.
These products are created by someone else.
You are leveraging on their expertise and resources.
Everything has been done for you - the sales page, the actual product, and the download page.
All you have to do to get started is to promote your affiliate link.
Step 2: Focus on just one traffic generation method - article marketing.
There are many traffic methods online, and I recommend learning how to drive traffic from multiple sources.
That way, when one source dries up, you have other traffic sources to depend on.
But when you start, you need focus.
Trying to learn all the traffic generation methods can burn through a lot of cash very fast, and the information can be overwhelming.
Stick with article marketing - it's one of the easiest traffic method to execute.
Step 3: Drive traffic to a squeeze page.
Don't drive traffic directly to an offer.
You can do that if you like, but you are leaving a lot of money on the table.
Instead, drive all the traffic to a lead capture page (also known as a squeeze page).
Build a list, and good things will follow.
Step 4: Offer multiple back end products.
(read this!) This is where all the exciting things happen.
Once you have captured the lead successfully, look for more products and add them to your email follow up sequence.
Make sure that all the products are relevant.
Back end products can make you a lot more money, but be sure to offer only products and services that serve the needs of the market.
Otherwise, you get labeled as a "product pusher" and buyers will stop listening to you.

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