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How to Save Formatting When Emailing a Word Document

    • 1). Open the Word document by double clicking the document icon in the My Documents folder of your computer or by using the file menu: "File>Open." Use the Open Document dialogue box to browse for your document on your computer.

    • 2). Select the text that you want to cut or copy, and then use the "CTRL-X" or "CTRL-C" keyboard shortcuts to place the text onto the clipboard.

    • 3). Open your email program and paste in the text. Many web-based email programs have a button on the formatting toolbar specifically for pasting from Word documents. The button has a clipboard and the letter "W." If your email program does not have this option, make sure that rich text is turned on, and then paste your Word text into the email body. You may have to correct some alignment issues, but bullets, bold and italic text should transfer without a problem.

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