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How to Manage Your Solo Chiropractor or Massage Service With a Virtual Receptionist

Is your solo chiropractor or massage service growing at quickening pace? Are you searching for new, cost-efficient ways to manage your practice and attract more new patients? Using the services of a virtual health care receptionist may be exactly what you need to grow rapidly, yet comfortably.
More than an electronic 24/7 backup receptionist, the right software can take care of a multitude of tasks, from scheduling appointments online, to placing reminder phone calls, to registering new patients.
Reap the advantages of online scheduling Virtual reception makes appointment scheduling easier with an online, automated interface.
Your patients will be able to enjoy the convenience of 24/7 appointment scheduling.
Furthermore, what could be better than scheduling appointments from work or a home office?An online appointment scheduling feature makes it all possible.
Benefit from the time and money-saving appointment reminder feature Are those no-shows driving you crazy?Patient appointment reminders are crucial for retaining patients and for safe-guarding against patient no-shows.
A good automated reminder service will cut down on your time spent calling patients and will save thousands of dollars in no-shows each year.
Best yet, a multilingual capacity will ensure clear communication with all of your patients.
This feature is a real money-saver that is not to be overlooked! Retain more patients with an after-hours answering service Patients need to be able to get things done during after-hours.
After all, missing even one after-hours phone call can drive your patient right through the doors of another doctor's office.
An automated phone answering service will help your patients get the attention and service they need, on their schedule and from the comfort of their own homes.
You can't afford to miss those after hours phone calls, now can you? Automatically pre-register new patients Don't miss that critical first phone call to your chiropractic or massage therapeutic office.
After all, if no one is there your prospective patient may just end up making an appointment somewhere else.
The right software will be able to direct those new-patient phone calls to the right place, whether to an office staff or to an automated pre-registration feature.
A high quality answering service will have the capability of collecting the caller's information (i.
phone number, name, billing address, etc.
) to create a temporary patient record.
Then, the system can schedule an appointment for a first visit.
Taking this initial step before your new patient enters the office will cut down on patient reception time.
Most importantly, a pre-registration feature will increase your conversion rate with that automated initial appointment.
Software and technical support that lets you give your new patients that extra special care Many times, solo health practitioners want to give special individualized attention to their new patients.
The right virtual receptionist software will enable you to do this when you need to.
Call technical support to customize your software so that it meets your office's unique needs.
Installing a virtual receptionist system for your solo chiropractic or massage therapy practice will help your business flourish, without all the extra hiring.
The best systems out on the market today can do everything from online scheduling and appointment reminders, to answering phones and pre-registering new patients.
Discover the many capabilities of modern technology and download a free trial virtual receptionist for your solo chiropractic or massage therapy practice, today!

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