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Tapestry - Wheat Field With Crows, by Van Gogh

One of Vincent Van Gogh's most debated paintings is Wheat Field with Crows.
Although it is one of his most powerful, it is also one where interpretations are as varied as the colors the artist uses.
Some see the painting as a sort of "suicide note" that Van Gogh has translated onto the canvas.
Still others see it in a more positive light, as a depiction of a turbulent yet resigned mind.
Early on in his career, Van Gogh was already fond of painting scenes depicting nature.
Whether it is nature in her unstable, tumultuous form or nature in its serene grandeur, Van Gogh had tremendous respect for forces beyond his control.
He liked to paint stormy skies just as much as he liked to paint calm, starry nights.
Art critics liked to point out some important symbolism in the painting.
They point out to the crows, which is one of the central subjects in the painting.
Much of the debate centers on whether the crows are heading towards the direction of the painter or whether they're actually flying away from him.
The nuances of the painting hinge on how one interprets these crows.
The paths, art historians say, echo the paths that Van Gogh took in his own life.
They seem winding, almost sporadic and headed for nowhere, symbolizing Van Gogh's own twisting journeys in his life.
Regardless of the many mysteries surrounding this painting, Wheat Field with Crows still remains one of Van Gogh's most loved paintings.
It has constantly been reproduced in the form of wall hangings, wall decor and even tapestries.
These reproductions are able to capture the beautiful range of subjects that Van Gogh has skillfully applied in his own canvas.
His sketches are the product of a brilliant, sublime mind somewhat plagued by inner demons.
Wheat Field with Crows is subject to so much interpretation that it makes for the perfect wall hanging especially in home areas such as dining rooms or living rooms.
This conversation piece can surely bring life, intensity and a unique charm to any surrounding.

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