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Pink Diamonds

he words rare and precious go hand in hand, at least in the world of fine jewellery and diamonds. While white colourless diamonds have been considered most precious for decades, these beauties have lost their limelight to some even rarer stones; coloured diamonds. Natural coloured diamonds are most unusual, rare, with only 1 in every 10,000 diamond carats being coloured. And hence it is no surprise that they are more valuable as compared to their colourless white counterparts of the same carat weight, clarity grade, and cut. In fact, even though most natural coloured diamonds tend to be a little on the pale side, these yellow, blue, brown, orange, green, champagne, and pink diamonds are most sought after by rare and exclusive diamond collectors, royalty, celebrities, and the elite from around the world.

Such diamonds have their significant mention throughout history, as part of the crown jewels, associated with legends, or even in history books. Used as a form of portable wealth, rare coloured diamonds that are significant in carat weight equal giant returns. Diamonds like the Steinmetz Pink have set their own records when it comes to pink beauties in the world of sparkle.

The Steinmetz Pink is the largest Vivid Pink diamond in the world. Graded a fancy vivid pink by the GIA, the stone weighs 59.60 carats at 11.92 grams. Making a mark on most lists of rare and precious jewels, the diamond was cut from a 100 carat rough over a period of 20 months by the skilled cutters of the Steinmetz Group. This pretty pink stone is deemed internally flawless, which is a clarity grade very unusual for a coloured stone possessing such size.

Some other noteable pink diamonds from around the world are the Pink Conde Diamond, the Pink Panther Diamond, and the Darya I Nur. Ranging from delicate pale hues of pink to vivid rose pink colours, these stones are greatly admired and highly valued. Pink diamonds are unlike the white diamonds that are bought and priced considering their colourlessness. When it comes to procuring pink diamonds, colour is a matter of taste and preference. While these diamonds look extremely beautiful in an array of cuts ranging from Marquise, round, emerald, princess, to teardrop, and heart, pink diamonds do tend to look a little duller when set. Thus it is wise to choose a diamond keeping this aspect in mind.

Pink diamonds are surely a sizeable investment for most, but yet one that guarantees high profit returns. Delicate in appearance and elegant in look, such diamonds are perfect for setting in engagement rings, pendants, and drop earrings. No matter what cut, colour or carat weight you choose for your pink stone, it is sure to be admired by all who set eyes on it for years to come.

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