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Packing Tips For The Move - Avoid These Costly Moving Mistakes

When it's time to move to a new location there are many things you need to take care of and packing is one of the most important of all.
However there are so many people who simply forget to pack various things and when the time comes to the actual transportation, real chaos sets in! So how can you avoid these mistakes and pack everything in the first place? First of all, what are the sorts of items people forget when it comes to packing? Toiletries are some of them.
Also various hidden valuables in the wardrobes and drawers.
Footwear, wall hangers, curtains, all these have been often left to the last moment when stress was really settling in.
You don't want to forget about these things as you might end up with a situation where you've just found them, want to pack them and realized you no longer have any packing supplies left! Toiletries are usually kept in the bathroom and people usually plan to pack these last simply because they are used every day.
So when you write your checklist of things to do before moving, jot down that toiletries should be packed at least 24 hours before moving.
Things like your personal toiletries, bathroom cleaners, soap dishes, brooms, should be all included in this list.
The wardrobe is a classic hiding place for valuables and invariably people forget about these until the last moment.
Make sure that you check your wardrobe of any hidden compartments and safes so that you take everything out that needs to be moved.
There is a reason why valuables are hidden in there: because they have a high value, so you can't just leave them in there! Curtains are usually taken for granted and people forget that they can actually take them with them.
So make sure that you take them down the day before moving and pack them adequately away.
Things like wall hangers, wall clocks and other wall objects and pieces of art should also be taken down and packed away.
At it can be rather difficult to pack such items, don't leave them as last, as you will end up struggling to get them nicely packed.
If you are afraid that you might forget things and you are not the best person for packing, you can easily hire professional packers who can do a great job of it all.
It might cost you a bit more, however you can be safe knowing that all your belongings will be nicely packed away and ready to be shipped to their new destination.

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