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Remembering Brittany Murphy and Other Losses in 2009

One of the sad things about life is the sudden death of someone that brings you enjoyment through their comedy or singing or contribution to the arts.
The loss of Brittany Murphy is going to be felt for many years to her fans as she was a true talent capable of comedy in the classic sense and intense dramatic performances.
From the laugh out loud film "Just Married" to the disturbing "Don't Say a Word", Brittany showed amazing chameleon ability in her performances.
Unfortunately, she is one of many great talents that the world lost in 2009.
We have lost performers and geniuses in every genre.
Two of the most notable talents lost are Michael Jackson and Patrick Swayze.
The whole world knew who Michael Jackson was and will feel the loss.
Patrick Swayze was a man's man in "Roadhouse", every girl's dream in "Dirty Dancing" and the all American husband and family man.
He was an inspiration to so many through his courageous battle with cancer.
From my generation that grew up in the 60's, 70's and 80's, there have been so many wonderful people that are no longer with us.
Ed McMahon who played opposite Johnny Carson for so many years is gone.
From TV land we lost Bea Arthur (Maude and The Golden Girls), David Harradine (Kung Fu), Farah Fawcett (Charlie's Angels), and Henry Gibson (Rowan & Martin's Laugh In) to name just a very few.
The opinionated Paul Harvey and trusted Walter Cronkite have moved on to another audience.
Pat Hinge aka Commissioner Gordon in the Batman movies will no longer call for the bat signal.
A true pioneer in the gaming industry, Dave Anson, co-creator of the Dungeon and Dragon fantasy game, has left the real world.
The music world will miss Al Albert (The Four Aces), Al Martine (Spanish Eyes), and Mary Travers (Peter, Paul and Mary).
Every generation has their superstars and their losses.
This year of 2009 has seen so many that will be missed not just because they were entertainers but because they touched us on a personal or spiritual level.

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