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Barska Biometric Safe - An Amazing Fingerprint Handgun Safe

Barska Biometric Safe – Quite possibly the perfect handgun safe

Looking for a safe to store your handguns but still need quick and easy access?   Need to be able to open it quickly to be able to access your firearm should the need arise?  The Barska Biometric Safe is the solution.  This thing opens with a single touch of a programmed finger.    No need to worry about the kids accessing your handguns so no need for trigger locks and other devices that render your personal protection weapon useless if you ever needed to get to it quickly.  And when I say quickly… you put your finger on the fingerprint reader and immediately the safe is open.  No keys to fumble with, no combinations to remember, nothing.  Just fast access and during an emergency, I don't even have to go into that; you know the difference that could make.

This safe allows for up to 30 fingerprints to be programmed.  This means that up to 30 different people could be given access if you so desired.  It's also extremely compact at only 16.5" Wide x 7.75" High x 14.5" Deep.  It weighs only 31 pounds and comes with mounting hardware should you decide to mount it inside a wall for added security.  It has enough room to store two standard size pistols, several spare clips or magazines and still have room left for a few important documents, a few pieces of jewelry, cash or whatever else you wanted to protect access to.  One of the other really neat features with this safe is say you open it up for whatever reason, maybe you just cleaned your firearm.  If you were to put your handgun back but forget to close and lock the safe, after a few minutes of being left open it emits a pretty loud beep to alert you that it has been left open.  For someone with kids, this is a fantastic safety reminder.  It also has a key backup system should you ever need to use it but I've not heard of any issues with the fingerprint reader failing.

Bottom line is, if you want to have a loaded firearm available but also need the ability to keep children and other unauthorized people from accessing it, this is the answers to your problems.  This will leave your mind at ease knowing only you or the people you give access can access the contents.

For testimonials from current owners, current pricing, pictures and more, follow the link below.

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