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Blending of Essential Oils

If you blend a synergy of essential oils, you will find this is very effective in promoting the healing of many symptomatic problems than using an essential oil by itself.
Pink Grapefruit, Lemon and Sweet Orange are the very best essential oils you should use if you are trying to lose weight.
Pink Grapefruit is also known as Citrus paradise.
This essential oil is made by the process of cold pressing of the outer peeling.
The fruity, crisp yet bright scent emitted by this essential oil is very energizing.
It has been proven to lift the spirit, boost self esteem and bring about a feeling of self worth.
Many people consider Pink Grapefruit to be the "dieter's best friend.
" When Pink Grapefruit essential oil is blended, it is used for the treatment of eating disorders, and weight problems.
You will find Pink Grapefruit in many anti-cellulite brands.
Many dieters say that Pink Grapefruit essential oil blends allow them to have a decreased appetite and also better metabolism and digestion.
If you have a problem with craving sweets, Pink Grapefruit is very helpful with this problem.
Lemon is also known as Citrus limonum.
Lemon essential oils are made through the cold pressing of the peeling.
This oil has a very sour and tangy taste.
The oil has a very fresh lemony smell to it.
Lemon essential oil speeds up metabolism a great deal and burn fat cells.
A great deal of research has proven that Lemon oil is successful in activating the hippocampus and triggering the left side of the brain which produces rational thinking processes.
If you smell Lemon essential oils, you will find that your craving for sweets will be reduced quickly.
Lemon is a physical tonic by nature and is helpful in stimulating the lymph and blood systems of the body.
Lemon essential oils tonify and cleanse your body which helps you lose weight.
Sweet Orange is also known as Citrus sinensis.
Sweet Orange essential oil is made through the cold pressing method from the outer peel.
The aroma is quite sweet and inviting.
The natural astringent found in Sweet Orange essential oils is very effective for the lymphatic system as well the circulatory system.
If you use a small amount of Sweet Orange oil after exercising, you will see how fast it helps you lose weight and relieves muscle aches.
Lactic acid will also be stimulated.
Always remember that there are many artificial products available on the market which claim to be all natural.
Only purchase a certified product to ensure high quality.
Each oil you purchase should be tested to make sure it is clear of any pesticides or added chemicals.
Holistic products work by balancing out your spirit, body and mind and are very safe and non-toxic if used in the correct manner.
Always consult your own doctor before taking any type of essential oil as there could be a side effect with one of your other medicines.
It is never wise to self diagnose any illness.

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