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Microsoft Vista Printer Problems

    Download New Drivers

    • If your printer will not print on your Vista computer, but will print on a Windows XP or 2000 machine, then you likely have a driver issue that is preventing the printer from communicating with the Vista operating system. To solve this problem, visit the website for your printer manufacturer, and search for a driver download for your particular printer that is labeled as being compatible with Windows Vista. Once you find this driver, download it to your computer, and unplug your printer. Open the driver file, and follow the instructions in the file. Usually, you will be instructed to plug the printer into the computer at some point during the driver installation process. Once you finish installing the printer, restart your computer, and attempt to print a document.

    Run the Vista Printer Troubleshooter

    • If you are still having problems after downloading new drivers, it may be a system conflict with a setting on your computer. Go to the Vista Help and Support Center, and perform a search for the Printer Troubleshooter. This will launch a series of interactive questions, where the computer will attempt to find the problem with the printer. Sometimes, printer problems can be caused by things as simple as a bad cable or a misconfigured setting.

    Purchasing a New Printer

    • If your printer is an old enough model that new drivers have not been released, you may have to purchase a new printer. Before doing so, try to contact the company that manufactured the printer and see if they are planning on releasing a Vista driver in the future. If you do have to purchase a new printer, check the specifications before purchasing and ensure that the printer is labeled as being compatible with Windows Vista.

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