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How to Open a PDF Form Using PHP

    • 1). Download the PDFlib library from the PDFlib website. Pay for a commercial license if you are using the library for commercial purposes. If not, download the free PDFlib lite version to your computer. (See Resource section for a link.)

    • 2). Install the PDFLib library on your website. Go to your root directory of your web server. Extract the compressed files to the web server. Type in "tar -xzvf PDFlibLite_X.X.XpX.tar.gz" in the kernel application for your server to extract the PDFlib package. Type in "cd PDFlib_Lite_X.X.XpX && ./configure && make && make install" to install the library.

    • 3). Open the PHP web page file that you want to open a PDF file from in a text editing or web authoring application. Add the following code:

      "int PDF_open_pdi(resource $pdfdoc, string $filename, string $optlist, int $len)"

      Change the "$filename" to the file location of the PDF file that you want to open. Save the PHP file and upload it to your web server.

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