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Bad Characters in HTML Titles

    HTML Titles

    • An HTML title is the main summary of your Web page. The title is placed in the HTML "title" tag, which is located at the top of the Web page code. The title tag is placed within the opening and closing "head" tag, which is a part of every HTML page. The title displays in search engines and helps engines index your Web page. It also displays in the browser's title when the user opens the page.


    • The ASCII language has an extended set of characters that display special characters in documents and Web pages. Search engines crawl title tags in HTML pages and parse the data. Because the title tag is used in search engine indexing, placing bad special characters in your title can lead to unexpected results including de-indexing and low rankings for your page.


    • Bad special characters include any character that is not a part of the alphanumeric keyboard and characters that are not the trademark and copyright symbols. Search engines display titles in the search results, so special characters not understood by the search engines can cause the output to look like jumbled garbage characters.


    • If you do decide to use special characters, the advantage of using these characters is that your website title stands out. For instance, the use of the special HTML character "&#9658" displays an arrow. This arrow stands out against other textual titles.

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