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How to Replace a Headlight on a '97 Toyota Corolla

    Sealed Headlights

    • 1). To replace a sealed headlight, find the four headlight bezel screws; they will be on the top and bottom right and left sides of the sealed headlight unit. Using a magnetic Phillips-head screwdriver, remover these screws. Do not unscrew the headlight adjusting screws, which are located on the top or the side of the headlight in the center.

    • 2). Remove the bezel, pull the headlight out of its cavity gently, and unplug the wire harness located at the back of the sealed unit.

    • 3). Plug in the new sealed headlight unit and test it by turning the headlight switch on.

    • 4). Replace the headlight in the cavity.

    • 5). Replace the bezel and screws. Close the hood.

    Halogen Headlights

    • 1). To replace a halogen headlight, press the wire harness clip that plugs into the halogen headlight downward until it releases.

    • 2). Turn the halogen headlight to the left to release it from the retainer ring on the headlight assembly. Remove the old bulb.

    • 3). Insert the new halogen headlight without touching the glass bulb. The oils and alkalinity of skin can compromise the life of the bulb or damage it. Twist the new bulb to the right to lock it into place. Do not force it; there is only one position where it will sit comfortably.

    • 4). Plug the wire harness back in, and turn on the headlight switch to test that it works.

    • 5). Remove the screwdriver and close the hood.

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