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The Sacred Pathway of Joy and Sorrow

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Realize that I, as the Angel of depression, am also the Angel of happiness. Angels are beyond the duality of the human experience. Beyond the duality of happiness and sorrow, good and evil, light and dark, day and night, and so on. We are in and of the unified field of love, the unified love of heaven. And yet we understand completely and fully the duality of human experience. And we are able to both embody and unify all aspects of duality. It is thus that the path of depression, if embraced and accepted and allowed its sacred purpose, will carry you back into the natural happiness that accompanies creation and new life.

Saints and sages of all times have advised equanimity of mind, focusing upon unity, focusing upon love, choosing love regardless of external circumstance and regardless of personal circumstance. This is a very advanced form of human consciousness. There is no immediate demand that you attain this and yet you are on the journey to it, every one of you. Realize that every step can be of further understanding, a deeper understanding of the unified nature of a loving universe. The love of God never varies, never fluctuates, never increases or decreases, never comes or goes. It is constant, uniform, ever-present and eternal.

I will walk alongside you through every turn of the labyrinth of depression. All Angels remain accessible to you. We ask that you inquire deeply into the purpose that your soul would have you understand. During a time of depression, embrace the quiet, embrace a resting place within the darkness, allow the peace of reduced stimulation from the outside world, from the relationships you have with others.

We want to be careful here - we are not suggesting increased isolation, increased withdrawal from those who love you and from those you love. We are not suggesting a descent into deeper depression, deeper unhappiness or deeper grief. In fact, we are suggesting that your embracing of the darkness that is present will more quickly and more gracefully help you to carry yourself out of it. It will more quickly and more gracefully and more lovingly allow you to receive the spiritual gold that is within the darkness and the doubt of the cavern of depression. Every difficult experience has an exit door labeled "LOVE." In peacefulness, in quiet, in darkness, the light above that exit door is lit with love. And yet there is a process of exploration and examination and recovery of that precious gold awaiting you in the darkness. We encourage you to call upon us to help you more quickly discover that gold and carry it back up into the light. This is the sacred purpose of depression: tocarry you into your own depths where your deep spiritual gold may be mined and recovered and carried back into your life and community. Creator allows no purposelessness. Creator allows nothing to be in creation that does not have a sacred purpose. Absolutely nothing. Trust this, trust the wisdom of your soul, trust where you are being led, and trust that you will find a deeper and more loving self within yourself.

Allow your soul the time, the space, the quiet place, the removal of undue outside influence, this place of quiet meditation and loving self examination. You have everything within you that is needed to descend and to mine the depths of your own consciousness. To recover the gold within your own soul. To return to the light and to allow the light to show the gold to you and to those around you. There is no place of darkness within you that does not have this hidden gold awaiting you, awaiting your willingness to come to it, to embrace it, to realize it, to carry it into your consciousness and into the lives of those around you.

The loving presence of the Angels may help you if you choose to allow it. Accept our blessings, accept our gentle illumination. Accept the love that we can radiate all around you and through you. Accept yourself as always and ever a child of God who is loved and embraced and protected.

-Angel of Depression / Angel of Happiness

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