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The Desert Boot Is Perfect For The Desert As The Name Suggests

There are many different ideas on the origin of the Desert boot. The earliest Desert boot can probably be traced back to 1949 when a man called Nathan Clark created the Clarks original boot. This boot was inspired by the rough suede boots with crepe soles that were worn by the British Army in Burma. That particular design of boots is said to be based on the Dutch voortrekker boot and also the chukka or turf boots used for the game of Polo. This version of the Desert boot was English and very far removed from the Schwarzkopf era boot used in the Gulf war.

The colour of the Desert boot is important. What you don't want is to be highly visible. So most Desert boots match the colour of the surroundings, which is sandy terrain. A Desert boot is also more likely to have moisture wick linings, additional ventilation and other features such as a side zip. The Desert boot is primarily to be used in hot dry conditions and is like the jungle boot in such respects. Desert boots were not needed in American military actions until the Iraq war and as a result, they are a recent addition to the duty boot line.

The first designs of a Desert boot tried out by General Schwarzkopf were not up to standard. Today however, the boots are made to very specific requirements. There are many companies that make various different designs of Desert boot, and you will recognize some of the brands - Wellco, Magnum, Rockport and Converse to name just a few. All of the brands are high quality, durable and comfortable. The military demand a lot from its footwear and the Desert boot is no exception to this rule. Comfort is king when you are in the middle of a desert on foot patrol with no cover in sight.

Prior to the addition of desert specific boots the military would have worn a utility combat boot, which proved to be totally inadequate to the conditions. Initially jungle boots were worn but these were designed for hot wet climates such as Vietnam, and the jungle boots were originally modified as a stopgap. Even after the Gulf war there were significant changes made to the Desert boot and that is why we have the superior Desert boot design available today. Without the advances made in the Desert boot design and manufacture our troops on the front line today would have far less comfort and stability in their footwear.

Of course the Desert boot isn't just worn in the desert even if they are specifically designed for there. If you are after a great looking boot that won't let you down in the heat when you are hiking or out in the great outdoors then the Desert boot will be ideal. Likewise if you just want to walk through the city in comfortable boots that look good and support your feet then you couldn't go far wrong with a Desert boot design. Whatever you need your Desert boot for there are designs, styles and prices to suit everyone and every activity

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